FGS Connect - Professional Marketing

We are a unique professional service firm that leverages our marketing expertise with the power of the internet to enable underserved small to mid-sized companies grow their business by generating new leads and revenue.

More Appointments. More Opportunities. More Sales.

What We Can Do...

We will help you define, implement and execute a marketing strategy that not only will bring you more customers but get more out of your current customers.We offer a full range of Internet services, and build highly effective lead generation websites that incorporate responsive design.

How We Do It...

FGS will be the first line of contact with your prospects and your past customers. We provide constant contact, follow-up and formulated lead generation services.We can also generate online leads and drive e-commerce revenue.

Why FGS Connect...

Our passion and enthusiasm in the marketing and advertising business is second to none and our experience with working within various industries keeps us constantly learning and adapting. We emphasize transparency, measurable results, strategic creativity and tactical precision.

In essence, we will build a custom sales and marketing platform for your company utilizing our in-house BDC and a custom CRM software. Connect with us today.​

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
A Business Development Center
Refers to a call-center staffed with customer service representatives responsible for sales and service at every customer touch-point. This definition was initially pioneered and made famous by the Automotive Industry. The BDC has truly become a necessary part of the Auto Industry, and is quickly being recognized as beneficial in other industries as well.
The FGS Connect Difference
We own and operate our own call center which allows us to control quality and make any adjustments quickly thus providing you with a custom marketing and sales package.
FGS Connect

Word of Mouth - Most businesses rely heavily on “word of mouth” and referal business. The problem with this philosophy is that with advent of the Internet and Social Media it becomes a bit diluted over time.

The United States small business administration recommends that between 8-10% of a company's revenue should be spent on marketing. FGS connect can assist you with allocating your marketing budget to the correct avenues.